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E.Kornienko hobby page Here I display some my photographs of interesting nature - drop of water, flame of a candle, insects, animals, tropical and reef fish, underwater views and so.

Photo of Red Sea fish With a simple mask you can enjoy so beautiful underwater world. Underwater photos at this site are taken without a scuba. I used only a diving mask and a snorkel.

Butterfly fish A masked butterflyfish has got a dark-blue mask. Some butterflies has got orange and blue colors. Mainly they are yellow, white and black.

Arabian angel fish A big blue fish with an also big yellow spot on its side. The photo has been taken in Red sea.

Scalefin anthias Underwater view. A coral hill with soft corals and far deep of sea. A shoal of orange fish hover the coral.

A hawkfish Paracirrhites forsteri sits on a top of a hard coral holding by fins. It's hunting for tiny coral worms or other prey.

A couple of Surgeon-fish The fish has got slim body with dark blue and white stripes, and an orange spot in the middle. Breathing fins are yellow. Near tail there are orange sharp 'surgeon' fins.

Red Sea Amphiprion Commonly the family contains a main male and female, and some additional males. If the female is lost, the main male turns to female, and one of males become the leading male.

Black spotted sweetlips A red sea fish with yellow fins and black spots on the side. Midday small groups of the fish hide in shadow of corals.

A burrfish - Cyclichthys spilostylus Thorns are placed in white spots on the back and on black spots on the stomach. Due to the thorns the fish feels safe and you may approach closely.

Diodon hystrix The fish is increasing in size and its sharp thorns become more dangerous. On the photo you also see a small blue fish that cleares diodon's gills.

Lionfish on a coral hill A coral hill on the background of the sea deep. Among yellow soft corals there is a brown-stripped Lionfish.

A lionfish near coral This nice-looking but dangerous fish doesnt swim out from a photographer. Dont try to touch it.

Red sea Needlefish Tylosurus choram swim near sea surface quite speedy. It may fly over water more than 10 meters. It is not so colorful as butterflyfish or other coral inhabitants.

An unicorn fish without a horn Grey oval slim body with a long thin yellow dorsal fin. A C-like tail fin. An orange surgical knife near tail.

Parrot fish Blue and green parrotfish has got a beak for crashing corals. Because of strong 'teeth it is dangerous if you is able to put your finger before a parrot's beak.

Arabian Surgeon Fish Acanthurus sohal. Oval body. Crescent like tail fin. Small orange fin near the tail is the sharp surgeon knife.

Masked pufferfish Arothron diadematus lives in Red Sea only. It is a grey fat fish with black fins, black spots, black mask, 4 strong teeth.

Scat Taeniura lymma This Blue-spotted stingray has poisonous needles at its tail. Its better not touch it. When the fish digs the ground hunting for worms many fish close to it in hope for free feed.

Picasso and Big Green Triggerfish The dorsal fin of the fish is not for swimming. It holds the fish in a hole between corals while it is dormant.

Interesting nature photos I like potographing nature without people.

Photographies of birds A sparrow can carry many worms at once to its babies. Just flying up pigeon flaps its wings forward like a swimmer.

Photo of animals etc.

Photos of flowers and blossom Flowers of dahlia, bird-cherry-tree, dandelion. There are small flowers inside a foalfoot flower.

Photgraphy of flame Here I display some my photographs of fire, flame, burning match and so.

Photo of spiders, mosquitos and other insects Interesting photo of insects: Moths perform a magic dance. Grasshoppers mask on the background. How do fly's feet look like?

Large bee fly Looks like a bumblebee with long legs. I has got a long thin nose and can hang over a flower feeding nectar, like a hummingbird does.

A Syrphida on a dandelion A yellow fly on a yellow dandelion. The fly looks like a bee but it is not dangerous, it only scares birds.

Syrphida This harmless fly on a blue flower looks like a bee for us and for birds. The Syrphidae can hang in air like hummingbirds do.

A bumblebee on a flower of a cherry tree It is difficult to focus a camera on a rushing bumblebee. Do a fixed focus and make a hundred snaps. Maybe one snap is good.

House centipede This home-centipede hunts for home insects like cockroach, ant and bedbug. I chased the bug for an hour, so it cannot hide in a hole. Finally it agreed for a short photo session.

A house centipede hides A humble house centipede has run from me and now it hides under a plinth. You see only a lot of its legs.

House centiipede, sideview Scutigera Coleoptrata hunts for home insects like cockroaches.

Dragonfly sits on a branchlet Dragonfly likes such moments when it sits on a tip of a branch under warm sun light.

A dragonfly on a grass A dragonfly with brown stripes on the wings sits on a green leaf of grass

Fly's legs looks like a cloven hoof.

Green grasshopper at green grass On green grass the green grasshopper hopes it is invisible. Grasshoppers of different color mask on backgrounds of proper color.

Grasshopper's camouflage Grasshopper knows the background that makes it less noticeable.

A hornet The hornets built their nest among stones. One hornet holds probably a wood chip for the building.

A hornet in flight to its home in stones The hornets built their nest among stones. One hornet hangs in air in front of its home-hole. At the macro photo the hornet flapping wings are blurred.

Little dance of little moths Two flies in a dance pose - perhaps before or after coupling

Photo of a mosquito The mosquito sits on a window tulle. You can see hair on its antennae, blood in mosquito's abdomen.

A mosquito on net This macro was made by Nikon cp880 without additional lens. Many details are seen, for instance - mosquito has hair on its antennae.

Spider's eyes On the photo you see a small field hunter-spider female. The spider has got 8 eyes. The hunters don't use web. They chase insects.

Two flies in green bog Two lone little moths of different kinds sit on green grass waiting when rain is over

A young ant The little ant looks young because it is glossy clear and diffident.

Colorful butterfly On a yellow blossom there is a butterfly with white and black rim of its wing. The wings are of orange and brown color.

Photos of plants Leaves, tree, grass, berries - photos of different plants, not flowers.

Nature mort with steel spring The still photo was taken long ago in 2000 with my first digital camera HP-C200

View Far views of city, field, sea and so.

Photos of water, sea horizon, water drops and so Here I show some photographs of interesting nature features like drops of water, sea views and so.

Some homemade things I had made these simple things some years ago, and have used them until now.

Accumulator capacity meter Time is measured by a cheap clock. Discharge to 1 Volt stops automatically.

Macro with a simple camera I took these photos through a magnifying glass, which was mounted in front of the camera lens.

How I made a noiseless computer I'm not an overclocker. A computer is merely a tool. So I like listening music without mechanical noise.

Vacation at Crete Photographing underwater and oversea near seashore of Creta-Panorama resort

Vacation at Red Sea Photo journey underwater and overwater at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Swimming with mask Everybody can photograph under water using a simple diving mask.

An octopus in a hole This octopus didn't hide in its coral hole. It constanly watched me how I swim around

Blue coral Christmas Worm On the surface of a coral with small hexagonal holes there is a deep cave. Blue christmas spiral worm lives in the cave.

Red christmas worm at a fire coral Red coral worm lives near horns of an orange fire coral. On the coral it is seen fur, which burns you if you touch it.

Underwater sky From sea bottom in such transparent water you see a shoal of fish like birds in the sky.

Yellow christmas worm You see yellow tentacles looking like a circular mesh. Also you see a lid of the worm's house-tube. The tube is embedded in coral.

Thin yellow mesh of a christmas worm on a white coral You sea yellow thin mesh of tentacles. It is a coral worm, which lives in a tube inside a coral.

Sea cucumber A Holothuria looks like a half meter caterpillar, which crawls on the sea bottom. If you touch it, it shrinks and becames like a cucumber.

Jellyfish macro photo in Red Sea It is difficult to take a photo of a jellyfish because it is not contrast enough to focus the camera. Also I and the jellyfish swim.

Pensil sea urchin with dull needles The pensil sea urchin has hot dull thick needles. It is not dangerous for us and for fish. In day the sea urchin hides within a hole in a coral.

Pencil sea urchin All day long Pencil sea urchin hides in a coral hole like on this photo. In night it feeds by plants among corals.

Sea-cucumber The sea-cucumber had been crawling in shallow water about 50cm deep when I was walking along beach and saw it.

Bright star fish The small starfish is so bright because it is dangerous.

Underwater view Near coral the life is boiling. Here inhabitants hide, feed, spawn.

Photo of different corals Coral is a colony of tyny settled animals, which live like plants. In Red Sea with a mere diving mask you may sea different views of corals.

Brain coral with short convolutions Spherical coral with pattern looking like short convolutions of brain

Brain coral with labyrinth pattern This coral looks like a sphere with labyrinth pattern like convolutions of brain

Small dangerous needles of fire coral On the surface of the fire coral tiny poisonous needles are seen at the macro photo. The coral is a red-sea stinging nettle.

Coral Gardineroseris It is a round coral with pattern of deep small cells like honeycomb

Soft coral Sarcophyton This elastic soft coral lives near a tender even more soft coral.

Tender Sarcophyton This soft coral slightly waves in stream of water. Its soft body is covered by gentle carpet of tiny flowers.

Staghorn coral Among branches of the hard coral usually small fish hide from big ones.

Fire coral Don't touch this dangerous orange coral! However many fish and coral worms live in the coral.

Stony coral Acropora Red sea coral. Stony thorny coral Acropora is in the middle of the soft coral Xeniidae

Aquarium for tropical freshwater fish I have two tanks, one for small and one for large fish. For hours I can watch this beautiful another life.

Marble botia on a leaflet in my tank Botia is independent and brave. It is not aggressive, may live with calm fish and with cichlids.

A plastic tank cave for tropical fish Visible surfaces of the plastic cave is covered with gravel. The gravel was initially boiled and dryed. Then it was attached by special aquarium silicone.

Ancistrus On the photo scales are not seen. It seems the fish is covered by fur. The matter is in proper light.

Scalare Perhaps the fish looks into the lens and thinks that it is another scalare's eye.

Scalare yawns Like us, fish yawn too. It is not hunting or frightening behaviour. I think they merely need exercises for mouth.

Pelvicachromis pulcher Kribensis is quite clever fish. It easyly fits to every tank, but it may be aggessive when cares of its spawn.

Mastacembelus Mastacembelus can and like dig under gravel so you see only its head. Sometimes you see only its tail while the fish chases worms in gravel.

Two snails in my aquarium They like vallisneria and other tasty freshwater plants - Get a pair of the snails and after a month your tank is empty.

100L tank for small fish Cichlids found proper place for eggs, and after that for saving their fry. Barbuses also could survive upto sufficient size.

African cichlid Auratus The behaviour of cichlids is interesting. They care their eggs and fry. Auratus can learn.

Macrognatus in aquarium Macrognatus digs under the gravel so you see only its head or it is entirely in ground and you dont see it

Simple astrophoto With a simple digicam and a binocular you can photograph Mercury Transit across the Sun disk, Sun and Moon eclipses.


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