hot flame of a match

Interesting nature photos

Orange moth on a green leaf
House centipede saves home from other insects
A droplet in the wake of a falling drop
Flowers - dandelion, geranium, clover and others

      reef on background of blue sea deep

At Red Sea, Reef Fish, Swimming with mask

Surgeon fish
An octopus
Sunset at Naama-bay , Sinai, Egypt
A rusty ship on a coral reef near Tyran island

Pine needels make this wine taste like red wine taste

Vacation at Crete

Octopuses swim under our legs
Sunset - a view from our balcony
Sea view from the high pathway
A plaice can dig under the sand entirely

A scalare in my aquarium


Kribensis fry - grown in my aquarium
Pelvicachromis pulcher - the mature male
Mastacembelus - Eats small fish! No small tanks!
Marble botia is brave, but not aggressive

surface of
      the cave is covered by gravel

Some homemade things

Measuring capacity of NiMh accumulator cell
How I made a plastic aquarium cave
How to use a loupe for macro photo
How I silenced my computer

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Mechanisms of Consciousness and Existence

Philosophy and origination of sense and synthetic sense in machine

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