Photos of flowers and blossom

Rose petals, yellow middle,
      green background.
Rose flower

A violet flower of wood
Wood geranium

Big bush
      of rose flowers at Conrad resort
Blossom at Conrad

Big white flowers of a plum
      tree on the background of sky
Blossom of plum tree

A blossom of bird-cherry-tree
      and birch
Spring blossom

A young spring branch
      of birch tree
Birch blossom

A white flower with a small transparent
      fly on a petal
A tiny moth

A small yellow wood flower
      on green background
A wood flower

A lilac clover flower

Yellow foalfoot flower contains
      whole tyny flowers
Inside a foalfoot

a yellow Dandelion with
      curled stamens
's stamens

Big umbrellas of a big blowball
Big blowball