A Surgeon fish. Oval body.
      Crescent like tail fin. Small orange fin near the tail is the
      sharp surgeon knife.
Arabian Surgeon fish

Red Sea Fish

Why are reef fish so colorful, like butterflies? It is because the water in Red Sea is ever transparent. The fish see each other from far distance. Unlike a river, here in Red Sea fish body coloring does matter, like coloring does matter for field butterflies. That is why the evolution created coral butterfly-fish .

Underwater photos at this site are taken without a scuba. I used only a diving mask and a snorkel (a specially curved plastic respiratory tube). The photos were made by digital cameras - Nikon cp880, Fuji f30 .

      fish with black diagonal stripes
Butterfly fish

Grey thick fish with black
Masked puffer

A blue spotted stingray in
      deep bewtween two coral hills
Taeniura limma

Rinecanthus Picasso
      with open dorsal fin

Yellow coral and orange
      fish on a blue background

Big eyes, white-brown
      wide strips on body and on fins. The fins look like wings, and
      they are dangerous.

A yellow and white fish hides
      in tentacles of actinia

Many orange fish over coral

A fish with yellow
      fins and Black spots, with wide lips

A fish with big eyes, white
      thorns on back, black thorns on stomach.

A fish with big eyes, with
      thorns on the back and stomach
Big eyes

A fish with big eyes and with

Long light grey fish with
      big teeth

 On top of a coral the fish
      waits small prey

A fish with widely span
      red-brown fins looking like wings
A lion-fish

An orange dorsal
      fin, flat oval body, C-like tail.

A fish of green and rusted
      color with strong teeth
Parrot fish

Big blue fish with a big yellow
      spot on its side
Arabian angelfish

A pair of fish with
      orange spot on side and sharp orange knife near tail
Surgeon fish