Big color eye of


I have two tanks, one for small and one for large fish. For hours I can watch this beautiful another world.

Black and blue auratus
      in aquarium

Macrognatus looks out
      of ground

A scalare yawns.
Fish yawn, too

Ancistrus sits on gravel
      next to glass
Some fish have hair?

Portrait of Mastocembelus

Big scalare
Big scalaria

Gourami and ancistrus
      in a tank next to a window.
Gourami and ancistrus

Kribersis fry near
      a tank cave
Little kribs

Cichlida, Kribensis,
      Male. Red Stomach.

Barbus tetrazona
Barbuses in my 100 liter tank

a tropical fish neon - blue and

Grey catfish mistus
The mystus catfish is 9 years old. It was always the oldest and biggest in the tank. So it didn't learn to flee from its enemies. When the auratus came, the mystus had to be put into another tank.

Brown stripped catfish
Platydoras costatus.
It comes out only for feed.

A botia watches you
Botia 's portrait


Black and red (bicolor) Labeo
Labeo bicolor

brown stripped snails next
      to vallisneria in a tank
Stripped snails


A plastic aquarium cave

Kribensis fry