Vacation at Crete

These pictures were taken at "Creta Panorama" resort and other places of Crete on September of 2008.

Wooden arch door in old stone
A very old door

Sun sets in the mediterranean
The evening view

The Sun hides after a mountain
      and then in the sea
The sunset after a week

small old ship in wide sea
A tourist boat


view of sea and a far island
      in frame of two trees
Mediterranean Sea

Such White geese live at
      fresh lakes
Geese live at
fresh water lakes

Young octopus near bottom
There are
a lot of octopuses

an octopus swims rapidly
The octopuses
swim under our feet

a spotted plaice hides
      on spotted ground
Plaice "looks invisible"
on the ground

A bottle of white wine, a piece
      of bread and two glasses on the background of clear sky
Retsina -
exotic white wine