Swimming with mask

With a simple mask you can enjoy so beautiful underwater world.

These photos were taken in Sharm El Sheikh by cameras Fuji F31 , Nikon cp880. Now I use an underwater camera Canon D10, but new photos are not shown here yet.

Hard coral in center of
      soft one
Corals of Red Sea

Red thick needles of a pencil
      sea urchin
Sea urchin

Fire Coral
      and a Christmas tree worm
Christmas tree worm

A bright red star-fish
      with white dots
A bright starfish

Trepang crawls near seashore
A Holothuria

Macro photo of a trasparent
Macro portrait

A coral hill on the background of
      blue sea deep
An underwater view

Burrfish in shadow
      of coral
Fish hides in shadow

Octopus in a hole of white coral
Octopus in white coral

View of blue sea surface from sea
View of sky

Yellow christmas
      worm on a white coral
Yellow on white

Red pencil sea urchin
      with thick blunt needles
Blunt needles

Green fish hide in the hornes of the hard coral
Green fish

Holothuria shrinks and now it
      is a Sea cucumber
Sea cucumber

Blue christmas tree
Christmas worm

Red christmas tree
Christmas worm