Vacation at Red Sea

The photos were taken at Sharm El Sheikh since 2004 near resorts Conrad, Concord, Lavita and in excursions at Sinai.

A squba wasn't used underwater, only a diving mask. Firstly I used old-fashion film cameras. Those photos aren't interesting. Now I prefer small digital pocket-size cameras. The photos shown are made by
- Nikon cp880 with Ewa-Marine underwater soft box
- Fuji f30, f31 with underwater hard box
- Canon d10 - allweather underwater camera
- Nikon cp4500, p6000 - overwater only

Wide blue Red Sea clear upto
Normal sea. Only
Red Sea is clear

Sunrise view at
      Tyrant island from the site of Conrad resort
Sun rises at
the Tyran island

Big bush of rose
      flowers at Conrad resort
The underwater views
even more picturesque


A Coral reef near Tyrant
      island in Red sea. At far side of the reef there is an old rusted
Coral reef
dangerous for ships

A keypad panel with Arabic
      and European numerals
The Egyptians use
"arabic numerals"

A heron at shallow water hunts
      for small fish
Reef heron
on small fish

Mosque and mountains on the background
      of sunset
Sunset at Sinai

Old ship on a coral shoal
Rusting ship

Sattelite map of Conrad resort
Conrad's GoogleMap



Remains of ancient coral
      and shells
Ancient coral stones

A lot of orange
      fish over coral
Scalefin anthias

Stony thorny
      coral Acropora settled in the middle of the soft coral Xeniidae.
Acropora & Xeniidae

Ancient coral pattern in
      sand mountain at Sinai
Corals in million year

Orange Fire
      coral (Millepora)
Fire coral - the burn
remains many days

View of blue sky from
      bottom of sea through clear water
Over the coral oasis
you see "blue sky"


Red Sea Fish

Arabian angelfish
      - blue with yellow spot
Arabian angelfish

mainly swims alone

Very noticeable fish
Picasso triggerfish


A hawkfish on
      the top of coral
Freckled hawkfish

sits on a top of a coral

      butterfly fish with black diagonal strips
Diagonal butterfly

Red sea
      black and grey Masked puffer
Masked puffer

      Arabian surgeonfish with orange surgeon knives
Arabian surgeonfish


Coral worms

Christmas tree worm. Normally you see two color spiral tentacles and a cap of its house-tube. The tube is embedded into coral.

      Christmas tree worm on a Fire coral

      Christmas tree worm

      Christmas tree worm


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