Hewlett Packard p/s camera C200

Macro photography with a simple camera

A bead through a loupe

The HP C200 camera doesn't have a special macro lens. So I took this photo through a magnifying glass .

What is it ?
The head of a small screw

It is a normal screw for computer's cover.
A computer screw next
      to a coin
the coin size is 16mm

The stronger the magnifying glass, the larger the screw.
The screw trough a 7x loupe

The stronger the magnifying glass, the larger the screw.
the screw through a 20x

A slim mosquito
the photo is taken through a loupe 7x

A fly tastes the
      drop of sweet water A camera HP C200 with an attached

The photos above were taken with a camera "HP photosmart C200".

A magnifying glass provides good vignetting for flowers:

A flower of Clover A moth on a little
      white flower. A white hat
      of blowball

The photos below are made by a Nikon CP880 . The camera's minimal distance is 4cm. So sometimes I use a loupe too. The mosquito is taken through a loupe from distance about 2-3cm. The bumblebee is taken without a loupe from distance 8-10cm.

A mosquito on net

A bumblebee on a white
      flower of a cherry tree
Too big for the flower

Bumblebee on a white
Zoom 1:1