Pelvicachromis female
      and her small babies near an aquarium cave

Pelvicachromis pulcher
      (the male) near a plastic aquarium cave
Kribensis male

Kribensis fry

In September, 2002, I started new 100 liter tank.

Conditions were quite good, and small cichlids ( Pelvicachromis pulcher ) immediately spawned and started caring for their eggs.

So in October there appeared about 40 new small fry.

Baby kribensis
      has got spotted masking color.
Littlle Pelvicachromis pulcher (Kribensis).
Two weeks old and 10mm long.

A couple of kribs
A couple of kribs dance

A little Pelvicachriomis.
      The colouring is masking yet.
Mask color.

a little kribensis
      on a green leaf in a tank
a little kribensis, age 2.5 weeks, size 12mm

Little kribs
      begins feed by small red worms
4 weeks, 16mm without tail. Its color has not yet matured.

A little rose barbus
      in green aquarium
A month after the barbuses were housed
in the new aquarium, I found a pair of
quite mature new little barbuses.
(size: 10mm, age: about 3 weeks)