Pelvicachromis pulcher
      (male) on background of a cave and green plants.

Kribensis, male

A couple of kribs
Kribs dance

( Pelvicachromis pulcher )

Kribensis or rainbow cichlid is interesting and smart african cichlid. A pair of kribs create family. They are careful parents however sometimes one of parents prefers guarding of its spawn by self, so it attacks as foreign fish as its mate. Kribensis fits to any common tank beyond the time when they rise their fry.

Wiki: Pelvicachromis pulcher is a popular cichlid for aquarium. The species should be housed in volumes at least of 80–90 litres. Fine gravel should be used as a substrate, as the species likes to burrow and to excavate caves. Quartzitic substrates should be avoided as they interfere with larval development and may cause fry mortality. The aquarium should mimic the natural environment, and should be decorated with numerous caves, plants and hiding places. Dither fish are useful in reducing the innate shyness of the species. The species is an unfussy feeder and will accept a range of prepared foods, however in wild kribs mostly feed on plants. They spawn readily in captivity and will accept artificial caves as substitutes for the holes used for spawning in the wild. Although tolerant of a range of water chemistries, the species has a preference for, and is more likely to breed when, maintained in soft, acidic water.

Little kribs
      begins feed by small red worms
4 weeks