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My name is Eugene Kornienko
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sheet of paper, pen and ink

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Author of the site


I'm from 1955. The site was created in 1996. So we are quite old.

The photo section of the site is updating about once a month, the section about origin of consciousness and the physical world is not updated for some years.

I have had different photo cameras. They were Russian Smena , Zorky , Zenith . In 2000 I started using a digital camera HP-C200 , then Nikon-cp880, Nikon-cp4500, Fuji-f30 . They are quite good pocket-size cameras.

I like photographing flowers, fish, bugs. Meanwhile usually I don't know their scientific or even popular names. Sometimes I refine names and change pages with the photos.

In nearest plans I'd like to add some new underwater photos from Red Sea. Also for recent years I visited Rhodos and Vienna. There are some good photos about these sites.

Eugene Kornienko