A home centipede (house-centipede)
      (Scutigera coleoptrata)

A home centipede

A centipede in Santa's
(Santa 500x400 )
(Sherlock 600x480 )

( Scutigera coleoptrata )

Photos were taken in a hotel room at 6th floor. A pair of hours I chased the bug, so it cannot hide in a hole. Finally it agreed for a short photo session. After that the centipede still run away from me.

House centipede may bite. The sting resembles bee's one. But it is a useful animal - it may hunt for home insects, for instance, for cockroaches and bed bugs.

Home Centipede, side
Notice - legs without feet

The centipede hides under
Many legs

A picture of house
Portrait 887x596